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What is new with Blue-bots?


We are super excited to be offering this course to all our teachers in Southern Africa.


Besides being one of the best robots to teach directional coding, did you know that you can program the buttons to say the direction they represent in ANY language you want? HAve you used the app to its max, so as to teach coding concepts without having the hardware or to control your Blue-bot at the same time? Did you know you can now use block code with your Blue-bot?



  • No previous experience is needed, a basic understanding of using a computer is beneficial. You do not need to have an actual Blue-bot, but if you do it will be beneficial.

  • A working laptop or PC with a good internet connection (Windows 10 or higher would be great). You do not have to have the apps preloaded but if you do it will be beneficial.

  • Book your seat and we will send your invite to the session!!!

Webinar details:

  • The webinar is 45min

  • This webinar requires teachers to have access to technology (computers, tablets, or phones) and the internet. 

Target Audience:

  • All teachers wanting to use the Blue-bot itself or the applications to teach coding.

  • Grade R to Grade 6 teachers

Webinar cost:

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