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Face-to-Face Workshops


The TTA runs several half-day and full-day workshops.

​1. We offer face-to-face workshops in our Johannesburg (Randpark Ridge) Cape Town (Sea Point) and Natal offices (Umhlanga), Please see our Training Calendar & Events pages for dates. If we are not currently offering a course you want to do (see our catalogue above) or see option 2 below to have it run at your premises.​


2. A Once-Off Training for your venue, these workshops can be tailored to your needs. We come to your school and deliver the desired course in your environment on your technology and at your time. We do not limit the number of teachers attending, however, all teachers need to be able to access the technology the training is on. The average length of our face-to-face sessions is 2hrs.


3. A Training Level Agreement (TLA)  please scroll down to find out more.

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Training Level Agreement


A Training Level Agreement (TLA) is what we contract with you for a continual professional development program, where we come to your venue a minimum of once a month to deliver an on-going professional development program tailored to your needs. We take your participants from beginners/refreshed users to advanced users.


The TLA is very common and has proven very successful with schools. We have delivered TLA's to a number of schools throughout the country.

TLA's can vary from 3 months to 6 months to 10 months depending on your school and staff needs.

Click here for our latest Training Brochure!

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