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We are looking to empower teachers so that they can empower our students and thus lead to better opportunities for them, the people that our companies will hire and the country as a whole. We focus on teacher training, and the biggest setback with training is the teacher's time to attend training and their ability to retain the information they have been taught in a face-to-face workshop/training. With this in mind, we created an online teacher training portal (LMS) where teachers can go and participate in a course in their own time, on any device and anywhere in the country (provided they have access to the internet, with your help and other companies we are looking to get our site whitelisted which means you don't need data to access our site, but we need to get teachers on board for this to happen). 


Ready to Sponsor, choose the method you would like to use:

Have a look at our current amazing sponsors:

Our model looks currently at technology in education and soft skills and we are launching our curriculum content - (this year). This will focus on supporting teachers with content for their specific subjects, we will be starting with the core subjects and then expanding when we have more teachers on board. We have over 60 online accredited courses (we are registered with SACE (South African Council for Educators) - whom each teacher must register with to teach in this country). Teachers are required to earn CPTD points through various self-initiated training (reading a newspaper article, watching a webinar, attending online or face-to-face courses). All our courses are accredited and carry SACE points. We also have over 40 recorded webinars on the platform and a typing course for teachers to improve their typing. Every month we add a new course and recorded webinar, we also circle back and update courses that need updating to keep them relevant. Currently, our courses are in English and we have started adding CC (Closed Captions) in Zulu and Afrikaans, again with your support we ideally want the videos to be spoken in each language. 

We offer access to the entire platform at R200/teacher/year.


We are looking for individuals and companies to come on board and sponsor teachers for whom even R200 is a challenge, and thus look to sponsor more of our rural schools and lower quintile schools.


There are various ways in which you can do this:

1) Make a straight sponsorship/donation 

2) In a partnership with Project Liberate  (NPO 246-180) companies can use their Social Development or Corporate Social Responsibility Spend, and Section 18a letters are available for this sponsorship/donation.

3) Some companies have chosen to donate and use this for marketing and do not follow the CSR or NPO route. 

4) If you or your company has eBucks with FNB, these can be used to sponsor teachers through our relationship with the eBucks team and store.


We do reporting and feedback to teachers, schools and sponsors should they require this to validate their interest and commitment.

Maybe you know a teacher that could use this or even the school that your child attends, if you don't know anyone specific we have a list of schools and teachers that have applied, and we will connect you with an individual/s or school/s that has applied. 

Ready to Sponsor, choose the method you would like to use:

Have a look at our current amazing sponsors:

Individuals or Schools looking to receive the sponsored training:

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