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SACE & CPTD Management package

Get your SACE compliance and CPTD managed along with access to the TTA CPTD Training Portal.

Your one-stop SACE compliance and CPTD management team, partnering with the top Technology Training provider.

Bizskills can help and assist with the management of the entire CPTD process. Using the Bizskills platform will allow educators an opportunity to get all CPTD activities into one central place that allows for pain-free administration.  

Purchase the Bizskills SACE compliance and CPTD management package and receive our teaching CPTD Bundle for your teachers!

Take our option of 10 teachers and you will pay: R11,000.00 

Take our option of 20 teachers and you will pay:  R13,000.00

That's all your technology training covered along with the management of your SACE CPTD for a whole year!

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