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The Technology Training Academy (TTA) is an independent teacher training organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning by integrating new and existing technologies, teaching skills, and curricula. We specialise in offline (face-to-face) at our premises and yours, as well as online (through live streaming our courses to your schools, or coming online anytime anywhere, and on any device to access and on our Continuing Professional Training & Development (CPTD) platform. Our offerings focus on multiple technologies, software, curricula, soft skills and even educational toys currently being adopted and used within the education sector. 

We pride ourselves on:

  • Consultancy & Change Management.

  • Curriculum Development & Project-Based Learning.

  • Professional Development - Face-to-Face / Remote Workshops.

  • Online Continuing Professional Training & Development Platform.

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Empower 5
Empower 5
Teacher Professional Development
Teacher CPTD
Empower 5
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Blueberry Office Park,

Building C, Unit 19

Randpark Ridge

+27 (011) 068 6699

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